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Felony DUI Archives

Man accused of driving under the influence, causing miscarriage

Any driver who is suspected of impaired driving in California could face the wrath of the law. When a person who is suspected of driving under the influence causes a crash that leads to the serious injury or death of another, his or her first consideration would likely be to engage experienced legal counsel. Although it may be challenging to defend a DUI charge, it is possible.

SUV roll-over leads to DUI charge and another man's death

Shortly after midnight on a rainy Monday earlier this month, a man from San Diego lost his life when his car crashed into an SUV that had previously rolled over. Another California driver -- the one who drove the wrecked SUV -- is now facing a felony DUI charge. The crash resulted in delays, as traffic had to be diverted into the carpool lanes.

When does a DUI charge become a felony?

When a driver in California is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the seriousness of the charge will depend on whether his or her offense is seen as a misdemeanor or something more serious. Certain circumstances can elevate a misdemeanor DUI charge to a felony. The consequences of a conviction can have an adverse impact on any person's personal and professional life, and a strong defense might be necessary.

Felony DUI charge may be on tap for alleged drunk driver

Morning commuters on the Coronado Bridge might have experienced significant delays on a recent Monday morning. This followed an alleged drunk driving crash at approximately 4 a.m. that took about two hours to clear. California Highway Patrol reported that a suspected wrong-way driver who might have to face a DUI charge caused a chain-reaction accident on the bridge.

Alleged aggression added to driving under the influence charges

When a California driver is accused of driving while intoxicated, it is a serious situation, and if law enforcement officers allege aggressive behavior, the consequences can be even more severe in the event of a conviction. After an incident in South San Francisco on a recent Saturday evening, a woman who was arrested for driving under the influence will likely need the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney. She allegedly caused injuries to a driver when she collided with another vehicle.

Murder charges follow allegations of driving under the influence

Unfortunate split second decisions may have devastating consequences. Such may be the case for a woman who is accused of causing the death of two people in a March 26 crash. She is now facing several charges related to causing fatalities while driving under the influence of alcohol.

DUI charge follows pickup truck crashing into minivan

Following an auto accident in which a car struck a minivan on Highway 18, a 30-year-old Blue Jay resident was arrested. He is now facing a DUI charge that was filed after he received medical treatment for injuries he suffered in the crash. Reportedly, there were nine occupants in the minivan, all of whom survived the crash.

Driver accused of driving under the influence after boy struck

When a California Highway Patrol officer recently attempted to pull over a driver, he says the driver raced away. The driver reportedly led the CHP on a high-speed chase through Antelope in Sacramento County. The pursuit apparently ended shortly after the man's vehicle struck a teenager. The driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

California driver faces suspicion of felony DUI charge

A California driver was recently arrested after a crash that caused the death of a passenger. The accident reportedly occurred on state Route 76 in the early morning of a recent Monday. The California Highway Patrol reported that the westbound driver, who is now facing a DUI charge, failed to properly navigate his vehicle on the curvy route and swerved off the roadway.