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Drunk Driving Charges Archives

5 injured, driver accused of driving under the influence

Five people, including three children, were hospitalized after an accident on a recent Tuesday afternoon. The driver of the car was the only occupant who did not suffer serious injuries. Officers who suspected she was driving under the influence of alcohol arrested the driver.

Is testing for driving under the influence of marijuana reliable?

California and other states that have decriminalized the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana still have laws against driving while impaired. However, the standards for marijuana impairment are still evolving, and many questions about driving under the influence of pot exist. Currently, California law enforcement uses both observed and chemically tested impairment as the basis for charges of marijuana DUI.

Being polite during a traffic stop may benefit a DUI charge

Sometimes California drivers operate their vehicles after having a few drinks, thinking that their blood-alcohol levels are below the allowed level of .08 percent for adult drivers. The consequences could be severe if they are pulled over and arrested -- even without a conviction. The manner in which a driver handles such a traffic stop may play a role in the severity of any DUI charge that is filed.

Alleged street racer faces DUI charge after crash into porch

When a suspected impaired driver tries to flee the scene of an accident, the charges becomes more serious, especially if there were injuries. What might have been only a DUI charge may turn out to be a felony charge -- making the potential penalties more severe. Facing such charges is usually easier with the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Defending a DWI charge may not be what this driver anticipated

A 20-year-old California woman was admitted to a hospital with serious injuries that she suffered in an alleged drunk driving crash. The young man who is deemed responsible will likely be exploring his options for defending a DWI charge after his arrest in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty at a subsequent court appearance.

DUI charge follows driver's attempt to outrun officer

Driving while impaired can land any driver in a whole lot of trouble. A 30-year-old California man may confirm that after his arrest in Sonoma County. After allegedly leading an officer on a chase on a recent Monday night, the man is facing not only a DUI charge but also several other charges.

California driver suspected of driving under the influence

Any driver in California who faces charges related to driving while impaired will likely know the gravity of the situation. When a person who is suspected of driving under the influence causes serious injuries to others, he or she will likely give serious thought to seeking legal counsel to handle the defense. A recent crash in Northridge led to the arrest of a 20-year-old driver.

Stop without reasonable suspicion makes DUI charge invalid

When California law enforcement officers pull a driver over and accuse him or her of impaired driving, there must be a valid reason for them to stop the vehicle. If a DUI charge is filed after an illegal stop, the driver is entitled to challenge being pulled off the road. DUI checkpoints allow officers to stop any car without needing specific reasons to do so, but there must be reasonable suspicion of criminal activity for any other stop.

Driving under the influence or not -- what to do if stopped

Under the California implied consent laws, motorists give their consent to be subjected to field sobriety tests and other chemical tests when they apply for their driver's licenses. If law enforcement officers have reasonable suspicion that a person might be driving under the influence of alcohol, they may effect a traffic stop. However, they may not carry out a field sobriety test without the driver's consent -- and a driver is entitled to refuse. If the driver does not submit to testing, he or she will be at risk of driver's license suspension.

Child dies, man allegedly driving under the influence of drugs

California drivers who are arrested for suspicion of impairment will likely be looking for ways to defend themselves against the charges. A 41-year-old man was recently arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Sadly, a child's life was lost in the crash that led to the man's arrest.