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Blood Alcohol Tests Archives

Driving under the influence can cause instant license suspension

Being charged with DUI is a serious legal problem that will need prompt attention. A person who is arrested for driving under the influence in California will find that it can have far-reaching effects. The Admin Per Se (APS) program is an administrative license suspension program that allows officials to suspend a driver's license under certain conditions.

Taking note of arrest procedure for DUI charge may be beneficial

Drivers in California who face charges after being arrested for driving while impaired may want to take note of the procedures followed by officials. By driving on California roads, drivers consent to breath, blood and urine tests when arrested for a DUI charge. However, the authorities must abide by strict regulations in their execution of the arrest, and drivers may protect their rights by ensuring correct procedures are followed.

California residents could benefit from DUI procedure changes

California DUI suspects often have a hard road ahead of them in court. The necessary procedures during a suspected DUI traffic stop are changing, which could prove to be a positive change for the wrongly accused. A recent decision by the Supreme Court states that police officers can no longer force a driver to give a blood sample without a search warrant.

California DUI charges: Should you negotiate with prosecution?

There are cases brought by the state that are difficult to defend. When there is a lot of evidence in a situation that weighs against an accused individual, one good approach may be to work with the system as well as possible under the circumstances. In these circumstances, a good understanding of the applicable laws and court procedures may assist a California defendant facing DUI charges in reaching a better result.

California is working to develop DUI standards for medicine

There is a movement nationwide to start creating standards for DUI in relation to medications and controlled substances. In a state like California, the concern and need for standards is strong, especially in view of the law allowing medicinal use of marijuana. Marijuana is legal to use in various circumstances, but a law has not been clearly expressed that provides a standard as to how much marijuana in an individual's bloodstream would make it illegal to drive. In the California State Senate, one senator is working to standardize and strengthen DUI laws related to controlled substances.

California highway patrolman arrested for DUI, tests negative

Blood alcohol tests are getting positive press in an unusual case where the results of blood toxicology testing have indicated that a California Highway Patrol officer arrested for DUI was not drunk. The CHP officer was arrested in August on a DUI charge after he allegedly collided with more than one parked car. He apparently also failed a DUI test, but the nature and results were not disclosed. He pleaded not guilty recently in court.

California assemblyman acquitted on DUI charge

A recent California DUI case underscores how tedious navigating such charges can be. As we discussed in a previous blog, a state assemblyman was arrested earlier this year on a misdemeanor count of DUI and another misdemeanor count of driving with a blood-alcohol level equal to or greater than .08 percent. However, a jury recently found him not guilty of DUI and could not reach a verdict on the second charge. One of the vital pieces of information said to be missing increases the potential for mishandled blood alcohol tests, which can result in false DUI readings.

California legislator accused of driving under the influence

Constitutional rights to certain legal processes apply whether you are an average citizen, movie star, or political figure. Typically, however, in California where a good deal of celebrity news generates, law enforcement can seem to target those more attractive to the camera. Roger Hernandez, a California legislator, is under the spotlight recently for accusations of driving under the influence.

Drunk driving checkpoint to be conducted Saturday in Pleasanton

During national holiday weeks, law enforcement agencies across the country work to arrest and prosecute drunk drivers. According to a report, the California Highway Patrol will continue its effort this weekend to arrest suspected drunk drivers at a DUI checkpoint in Pleasanton. These checkpoints are meant to discourage people from driving under the influence, but they might also cause arrests of people who aren't drunk.