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March 2017 Archives

Felony DUI charge may be on tap for alleged drunk driver

Morning commuters on the Coronado Bridge might have experienced significant delays on a recent Monday morning. This followed an alleged drunk driving crash at approximately 4 a.m. that took about two hours to clear. California Highway Patrol reported that a suspected wrong-way driver who might have to face a DUI charge caused a chain-reaction accident on the bridge.

DUI charge follows crash that kills 1, injures 3

The California Highway Patrol said it is investigating a fatal accident they believe involved an impaired driver. The suspect suffered serious injuries, and he is facing a felony DUI charge along with a count of vehicular manslaughter. According to a CHP spokesperson, the accident investigation is ongoing.

Murder added to DUI charge after fatal February crash

In California, drunk driving is one of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes. If a person is accused of causing a fatal accident while impaired, he or she will face the full wrath of the law. For this reason, having experienced legal counsel to defend a DUI charge can be a significant advantage.

Driving under the influence or not -- what to do if stopped

Under the California implied consent laws, motorists give their consent to be subjected to field sobriety tests and other chemical tests when they apply for their driver's licenses. If law enforcement officers have reasonable suspicion that a person might be driving under the influence of alcohol, they may effect a traffic stop. However, they may not carry out a field sobriety test without the driver's consent -- and a driver is entitled to refuse. If the driver does not submit to testing, he or she will be at risk of driver's license suspension.