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DUI charge: Alleged drunk driver crashes into townhouse

While many allegedly impaired California drivers are arrested during traffic stops or other law enforcement operations, the actions of other drivers cause suspicion that may lead to arrest. Any person facing a DUI charge will likely be concerned about the effect it could have on his or her life. Fortunately, legal counsel is available to protect their rights.

Officers arrested a man in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. California Highway Patrol received a report of a vehicle crashing into an apartment. Responders to the accident scene found a car that had smashed almost entirely into a townhouse.

Fortunately, an occupant who was asleep inside when the car crashed through the wall came away unscathed. The damage to the apartment was severe enough for it to be red tagged and declared unsafe. Officers allege that the vehicle's driver tried to flee the accident scene. Reportedly, a witness to the crash who saw the driver running stopped him and brought him to the officers.

The consequences of a conviction for a DUI charge can adversely affect the accused individual's personal and professional life. However, allegations do not necessarily lead to a conviction, and only if -- and when -- the prosecution can prove the accused individual's guilt without a reasonable doubt can the driver be convicted. With the support and guidance of an experienced DUI defense attorney, the charges and available evidence can be scrutinized. If any irregularities lead to the arrest, the lawyer can challenge it in court if necessary. Whatever defense strategy pursued, the lawyer will endeavor to achieve the best possible outcome.

Source: CBS Sacramento, "DUI Suspect Crashes Into Cameron Park Apartment, Unit Red Tagged", Feb. 1, 2017

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