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February 2017 Archives

Child dies, man allegedly driving under the influence of drugs

California drivers who are arrested for suspicion of impairment will likely be looking for ways to defend themselves against the charges. A 41-year-old man was recently arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Sadly, a child's life was lost in the crash that led to the man's arrest.

DUI charge follows fatal roll over in California

A driver accused of impaired driving in California is a serious matter. The law has little tolerance for drunk driving, and any person who is facing a DUI charge might be exploring his or her defense options. One such a driver is a 25-year-old man who reportedly caused a rollover crash in the early morning hours of a recent Monday.

DUI charge: Alleged drunk driver crashes into townhouse

While many allegedly impaired California drivers are arrested during traffic stops or other law enforcement operations, the actions of other drivers cause suspicion that may lead to arrest. Any person facing a DUI charge will likely be concerned about the effect it could have on his or her life. Fortunately, legal counsel is available to protect their rights.