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January 2017 Archives

Felony DUI charge follows death of 2 passengers

The California Highway Patrol reported an incident that caused the closure of a Campo road for about six hours on a recent Wednesday evening. This was due to a crash that claimed the lives of two people and landed another person behind bars. The driver that was involved in this single-vehicle crash is now facing a felony DUI charge and more. The two deceased individuals were passengers in the car that crashed.

Driving under the influence suspected in crash injuring passenger

In California, there is no sympathy for drunk drivers, and authorities prosecute such offenders aggressively. A conviction on DUI charges can lead to license suspension, hefty fines and even time behind bars. The California Highway Patrol is investigating an accident in which a passenger suffered serious injuries. The operator of the vehicle was charged with driving under the influence.

Proving marijuana DUI charge may be a challenge for prosecution

Although California voters approved Proposition 64 last November, legislation surrounding marijuana is still evolving. This applies particularly to laws related to driving under the influence of marijuana. At this time, driving while impaired by marijuana can lead to a DUI charge that can result in felony or misdemeanor prosecution.

DUI charge follows reports of erratic driving

The consequences of driving while impaired can adversely affect the life of any person. A 36-year-old California driver will likely be aware of the potential impact his recent arrest on a DUI charge will have. For this reason, most people who are accused of driving under the influence seek the defense skills of seasoned attorneys.

Driving under the influence charges may follow hospital release

A driver of a sedan who allegedly caused a crash may face criminal charges upon his discharge from the hospital. The California Highway Patrol suspects the 22-year-old driver was driving under the influence of alcohol. The date of his release from the medical facility is not clear.