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DUI charge follows car abandoned on railroad track

Abandoning a car on a California railroad track is rarely a good idea. In fact, it may cause suspicion of impairment. Police in Ventura recently responded to a scene in which a train struck an abandoned car. Police later arrested the apparent driver of the car, and she is now facing a DUI charge.

An accident report indicates that a 27-year-old woman from Ventura, with a passenger, managed to get her car stuck on the railroad tracks. They believe she inadvertently drove onto the tracks at about 8:30 p.m. on a recent evening. When she realized that the vehicle was stuck, both occupants escaped the car and allegedly stood nearby to watch the train crash into the car.

Fortunately, the train was moving at a slow speed, and no injuries were suffered. However, a shortage apparently occurred on impact, and the train reportedly electrified the railroad tracks and the vehicle. Along with the prevailing rain, this caused hazardous conditions for emergency workers on the scene. It took crews approximately two hours to dislodge the car and move it away from the railroad tracks.

Police arrested the driver and booked her into the county jail in Ventura. She will likely be focusing on her defense options on the DUI charge right now. The most appropriate step would be to utilize the services of an experienced California drunk driving defense attorney. After assessing the details of the charges, the lawyer can examine the methods used to determine the driver's blood alcohol level before charging her. With professional support and guidance, the consequences may be limited.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Amtrak train hits abandoned vehicle in Ventura; woman arrested on suspicion of drunk driving", Veronica Rocha, Nov. 21, 2016

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