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DUI charge filed after 2 cars, 2 bikes collide in California

California police officers recently arrested a driver from another state after he allegedly caused a crash while he was under the influence of alcohol. The 23-year-old driver was booked into a Redwood City correctional facility on a DUI charge. An accident report indicates that two cars and two motorcycles were involved in the collision.

Pacifica police say they were on patrol in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday when they arrived upon the crash scene moments after the accident happened. They noticed debris from the collision, two motorcycles and two damaged cars. However, no details of the circumstances that led to the wreck were reported. Officers said the motorcyclists refused medical treatment, but the driver of one car was injured and transported to the hospital.

Officers say they later determined that this driver was driving while impaired. Accident investigators allege this man was responsible for the crash. Authorities arrested him upon his release from the hospital, but they did not reveal his blood alcohol level. He is facing a charge of suspicion of drunk driving and causing physical injury to another person.

Facing a DUI charge is serious, and defending such a charge is typically best achieved with the support of an experienced drunk driving defense attorney. A skilled California lawyer can assess the charges and scrutinize the methods used to determine the driver's level of intoxication. An attorney can also look at the procedures used during the arrest. Legal counsel will base the defense strategy on the evidence held by the prosecution, and he or she will aim for the best possible outcome.

Source: Belmont, CA Patch, "DUI Suspected, Out-of-Towner Arrested in Four-Vehicle Peninsula Crash", Renee Schiavone, Nov. 29, 2016

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