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December 2016 Archives

How will marijuana impairment be tested for a DUI charge?

Following the vote to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California, law enforcement is concerned about the expected increase in pot-impaired driving cases. In California, approval for Proposition 64 was voted last month. While a DUI charge can include either alcohol or drug impairment, the lack of a legal and accurate roadside test to determine the presence of drugs in a driver's system is a problem.

2nd crash allegedly killed driver in wreck, DUI charge pending

A 24-year-old California man who was critically injured may not even be aware that he could be arrested upon his release from the hospital. A spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol said the man might face a DUI charge. This follows a crash that occurred in San Mateo in the early hours of a recent Saturday morning.

DUI charge follows driver stopping to relieve himself

Charges for driver under the influence can follow a variety of actions by drivers, and some are more unusual than others are. A recent arrest had a California Highway Police officer say he had never seen a similar case. The incident reportedly occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday and led to one person facing a DUI charge. Due to unusual circumstances, the incident also resulted in the death of one passenger and serious injuries to another.

DUI charge filed after 2 cars, 2 bikes collide in California

California police officers recently arrested a driver from another state after he allegedly caused a crash while he was under the influence of alcohol. The 23-year-old driver was booked into a Redwood City correctional facility on a DUI charge. An accident report indicates that two cars and two motorcycles were involved in the collision.

DUI charge follows car abandoned on railroad track

Abandoning a car on a California railroad track is rarely a good idea. In fact, it may cause suspicion of impairment. Police in Ventura recently responded to a scene in which a train struck an abandoned car. Police later arrested the apparent driver of the car, and she is now facing a DUI charge.