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Driver faces DUI charge after fatal crash on California highway

An alleged drunk driver who spent three weeks in a hospital after allegedly causing a fatal crash has now been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. This, along with several other charges, comes after a driver of another car died in an accident on Highway 101 in Novato. California Highway Patrol says this will not be the first time this 47-year-old Santa Rosa woman faces a DUI charge as her record shows that she was on probation following a previous conviction for drunk driving with children present in her car.

CHP reported that the woman claimed to be a salesperson for a wine company and said she had tasted wine with potential clients but had stopped drinking about 10 hours before the crash. According to the accident report, the driver said she pulled onto the shoulder of the highway and attempted to make a U-turn when the crash occurred. Officials say she turned back and headed south in the highway's northbound lanes.

Reportedly, the first collision involved a sedan, and this wreck caused an obstruction into which a northbound pickup truck crashed. The driver of the car had to be extricated from the smashed car. She was then rushed to a hospital where she underwent emergency surgery during which she passed away. The driver of the pickup truck suffered minor injuries.

Following her last DUI charge, the California woman signed a Watson admonishment as part of her plea deal that informed her of a possible second-degree murder charge in the event of her being involved in a subsequent fatal DUI crash. She will surely rely upon the services of an experienced defense attorney, particularly in view of the potential consequences flowing from her prior conviction. A lawyer can work on a strong and effective defense to achieve the most favorable outcome under the circumstances.

Source: marinij.com, "Novato DUI suspect charged with murder for head-on wreck on Highway 101", Gary Klien, Sept. 8, 2016

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