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September 2016 Archives

Driver defending a DWI charge after release from the hospital

A California man from Patterson was recently taken into custody upon his release from the hospital. He was admitted to an East Palo Alto hospital several weeks ago after a fatal crash on Aug. 9. He will now have to focus on defending a DWI charge that followed the deaths of two people in that accident.

Second DUI charge filed against Alameda woman after fatal crash

An Alameda woman's driver's license status is in question after an accident in which a 3-year-old boy died. She is currently facing a felony DUI charge along with gross vehicular manslaughter. However, California Highway Patrol questions why this driver had a valid license after another arrest just a few months ago.

Driver faces DUI charge after fatal crash on California highway

An alleged drunk driver who spent three weeks in a hospital after allegedly causing a fatal crash has now been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. This, along with several other charges, comes after a driver of another car died in an accident on Highway 101 in Novato. California Highway Patrol says this will not be the first time this 47-year-old Santa Rosa woman faces a DUI charge as her record shows that she was on probation following a previous conviction for drunk driving with children present in her car.

Passenger's death leads to manslaughter and DUI charge for driver

Going up against the zero-tolerance California DUI laws is not easy. A conviction on a DUI charge can mean time in jail, fines, job loss and other adverse consequences. For those accused of causing a fatal accident, a conviction can come with dire consequences.

Wrong way driver accused of driving under the influence

A 32-year-old California man was locked up in the Marin County Jail after crashing his car into another vehicle. He may be facing several charges related to driving under the influence along with wrong-way driving on a freeway and more. The arrest followed an incident that occurred in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday.