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Driver faces DUI charge after falling asleep behind the wheel

Shortly after 7 a.m. on a recent Wednesday morning, South San Francisco police responded to a call reporting a stationary car, standing half-way up a sidewalk with an idling engine. A witness also alleged that a pedestrian was narrowly missed when the vehicle mounted the sidewalk. Upon arrival at the scene, police found a California man asleep behind the wheel with the car in gear, the key in the ignition and the engine running. He is now facing a DUI charge.

Paramedics also arrived at the scene, and when the driver was removed from the car, he was allegedly unable to stand or walk without assistance. Officers alleged the man was under the influence of alcohol, and he was transported to a hospital at which he was evaluated before he was arrested. He was subsequently booked into the county jail.

Along with the DUI charge, police say the man's driver's license had been suspended previously when he was convicted on another DUI charge. According to the authorities, this driver is on the hot list of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The list is comprised of repeat DUI offenders who are informed when their names are added to the list and warned to avoid driving.

Drivers who are accused of being repeat DUI offenders are certainly in serious trouble if they are convicted. For this reason, any driver who is facing a DUI charge will likely benefit from having an experienced criminal defense attorney on his or her side. A lawyer can attempt to protect the rights of the accused person while also fighting to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Source: South San Francisco, CA Patch, "SSF Police: Repeat DUI Offender Found Asleep At Wheel", Aug. 4, 2016

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