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DUI charge follows fatal pedestrian accident

Shortly before 6:30 on a recent Monday morning, a homeless man lost his life on a road in Oceanside. Police suspect that the man was on his way to or from a soup kitchen when he was struck by a vehicle. A California woman was later arrested on a DUI charge.

According to police in Oceanside, the woman allegedly struck the pedestrian as he was crossing the street. The impact apparently caused the victim to smash through the windshield of the car. However, the driver continued driving with the man wedged in the broken windshield. It is claimed that she drove over a sidewalk and through some landscaping before the vehicle came to a halt not far from her home. The woman allegedly then exited the car and walked off.

A witness called paramedics, and they declared the pedestrian dead. Officers found the victim's identification and also a portion of the glass from the vehicle's windshield at the accident scene. A police report indicates that the woman was later located at her residence where she admitted to spending the previous night drinking at various bars. The driver's blood alcohol level was not made known.

It was not reported whether the woman has as yet retained a criminal defense attorney to defend against the DUI charge that she faces. Nevertheless, the fact that she was charged does not make her guilty. In California and elsewhere, any person facing such charges has the right to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution. Having the support of a seasoned defense attorney could help tip the scales of justice in favor of the defendant.

Source: 10news.com, "After Oceanside crash, victim wedged in windshield of moving car", June 27, 2016

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