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DUI charge and more follow chase after alleged hit and run

Whenever a California driver is arrested for impaired driving, he or she will likely immediately seek the assistance of legal counsel to protect his or her legal rights. Sometimes there can be more than just a DUI charge, making the defense even more complicated. Such a case was recently reported from Santa Rosa by the California Highway Patrol.

Reportedly, officers were called to the scene of an alleged hit-and-run accident in the late afternoon of a recent Wednesday. A vehicle that was suspected to have been involved was located and a pursuit ensued. During the chase, the suspected hit-and-run driver rammed the patrol vehicle.

In an effort to stop the fleeing man, a patrol officer carried out a PIT maneuver. This was successful and the man's car became trapped. However, the 22-year-old man from Paso Robles allegedly jumped out the car and fled on foot. He was later arrested where he was hiding in a nearby house. The three passengers that were traveling with the accused driver reportedly said he would not let them out of the car.

Along with a DUI charge, the man is now facing multiple other charges, including kidnapping, hit and run, resisting arrest and driving with a license that had been suspended. Furthermore, charges of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon were also added. There is no mention of how and when the California man's level of intoxication was established, nor were details provided about the origin of the burglary charge. However, with the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney, the driver can be assured that his legal rights will be protected while the lawyer works on obtaining the best possible result under the circumstances.

Source: ksby.com, "Man facing multiple charges following pursuit through Templeton", July 21, 2016

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