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Driving under the influence can cause instant license suspension

Being charged with DUI is a serious legal problem that will need prompt attention. A person who is arrested for driving under the influence in California will find that it can have far-reaching effects. The Admin Per Se (APS) program is an administrative license suspension program that allows officials to suspend a driver's license under certain conditions.

A license may be suspended if the blood alcohol level (BAC) of a person who is on probation for DUI is .01 percent or .04 percent if the person is operating a commercial vehicle. For drivers of non-commercial vehicles, the legal BAC limit is .08 percent and .01 percent for drivers under the age of 21. Furthermore, if a person refuses to undergo a BAC test, his or her license may be confiscated immediately, and penalties such as jail time and fines may follow.

The driver will receive an Order of Suspension/Revocation from either the arresting officer or the California DMV. Included will be a temporary driver's license that will allow driving for another 30 days before the suspension will become effective. A driver is entitled to request a hearing within 10 days after receiving the temporary license. If a driver enrolls in a DUI program for first offenders, he or she may apply for a restricted license.

A restricted license will allow a California driver to drive to and from work and also to attend the DUI program. However, the legal and administrative proceedings related to these matters are complicated, and navigating it may be easier with the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney. A skilled lawyer can also defend the individual against the driving under the influence charges, and in some cases, a conviction may be avoided.

Source: dmv.org, "Suspended License in California", Accessed on July 18, 2016

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