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July 2016 Archives

Driving under the influence can cause instant license suspension

Being charged with DUI is a serious legal problem that will need prompt attention. A person who is arrested for driving under the influence in California will find that it can have far-reaching effects. The Admin Per Se (APS) program is an administrative license suspension program that allows officials to suspend a driver's license under certain conditions.

DUI charge and more follow chase after alleged hit and run

Whenever a California driver is arrested for impaired driving, he or she will likely immediately seek the assistance of legal counsel to protect his or her legal rights. Sometimes there can be more than just a DUI charge, making the defense even more complicated. Such a case was recently reported from Santa Rosa by the California Highway Patrol.

Alleged aggression added to driving under the influence charges

When a California driver is accused of driving while intoxicated, it is a serious situation, and if law enforcement officers allege aggressive behavior, the consequences can be even more severe in the event of a conviction. After an incident in South San Francisco on a recent Saturday evening, a woman who was arrested for driving under the influence will likely need the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney. She allegedly caused injuries to a driver when she collided with another vehicle.

DUI charge follows fatal pedestrian accident

Shortly before 6:30 on a recent Monday morning, a homeless man lost his life on a road in Oceanside. Police suspect that the man was on his way to or from a soup kitchen when he was struck by a vehicle. A California woman was later arrested on a DUI charge.