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What happens after an arrest on a DUI charge?

Whenever a driver in California is arrested on suspicion of being impaired while operating a vehicle, that person may panic because he or she does not know what to expect. In these circumstances, the accused has every right to retain the services of an attorney. Nevertheless, it may be helpful to have a general idea of the legal proceedings that typically follow an arrest on a DUI charge.

After an arrest, the suspect is usually taken to a police station to be formally booked. This process involves recording the individual's personal details along with the details of the alleged crime. A criminal background check will be done, and the person will be searched, fingerprinted and photographed. After confiscating personal belongings, which will be held until the suspect's release, he or she may be placed in a cell at the police station or the jail.

The accused individual may be released from custody upon payment of bail or the signing of a bond. Bail is an amount of money that is paid in exchange for the defendant's release on the condition that all scheduled criminal proceedings will be attended. A bond is a signed agreement that the full bail amount will be paid if the accused person does not appear at court proceedings as promised. This process is usually accomplished through a bail bond agency. It's also possible that the accused may be released on his/her own recognizance.

After the arrest and booking process, those facing a California DUI charge may be anxious about the prospects for conviction. However, he or she will remain innocent in the eyes of the law until and unless proved guilty in criminal court, a burden that is often difficult for prosecutors to meet. A criminal defendant generally benefits from the support and guidance of an experienced DUI defense attorney.

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