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March 2016 Archives

Student facing DUI charge after crash during spring break

A spring break trip of a group of California students ended in tragedy on a recent Monday afternoon. After a fatal accident, the 19-year-old driver will now have to consider her options in defending a DUI charge. Along with a DUI charge, she is facing a manslaughter charge and also a count of methamphetamine possession.

DUI charge: 2 councilman aides suspected of drunk driving

California people may expect city councilmen and their aides to set suitable examples for residents of the state by not engaging in unlawful behavior. However, two Los Angeles City Hall staff members were arrested over a recent weekend. Reportedly, they were arrested at different locations within about an hour, and each one will now be facing a DUI charge.

DUI charge after passenger drowns when trapped in submerged car

When drivers are faced with flood waters while they are traveling on California highways, it is best to obey restrictions and safety measures put in place by authorities. When Yuba County experienced heavy downpours of rain recently, some highways were under six to eight feet of water. A man who allegedly disregarded diverting cones on Highway 70 in such dangerous conditions is now facing a DUI charge.

DUI charge follows pickup truck crashing into minivan

Following an auto accident in which a car struck a minivan on Highway 18, a 30-year-old Blue Jay resident was arrested. He is now facing a DUI charge that was filed after he received medical treatment for injuries he suffered in the crash. Reportedly, there were nine occupants in the minivan, all of whom survived the crash.

DUI charge filed against Davis man after fatal crash

A California man was arrested after a recent incident in which his vehicle crashed into another car. The driver of the other vehicle was killed, and others suffered injuries. Police say he is facing a DUI charge along with a count of vehicular manslaughter and child endangerment.