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Recovering drug addict faces vehicular homicide and DUI charge

A 54-year-old California man was recently arrested for allegedly causing the death of his wife in a car accident. He is facing a vehicular homicide and DUI charge. The California Highway Patrol reported that the fatal accident occurred in Delano when the husband and wife were driving home after a visit to a casino and he crashed into a pole.

CHP officers reported that the driver was suspected of driving while under the influence of either heroin or methadone. Methadone is a synthetic drug that is used by people who are trying to overcome drug addictions. It reduces withdrawal symptoms without producing the highs associated with drugs like heroin. However, it is dangerous when used in conjunction with alcohol. The driver reportedly told officers that he had consumed alcohol approximately eight hours before the accident, and his last dose of methadone was administered the previous day.

CHP said the man suffered a fractured left collarbone and right heel, and he was transported to a medical facility; however, his wife reportedly died at the scene of the accident. Officers reported that the man initially denied driving the car and provided a fictitious name, but he later offered the truth. It was further reported that the driver's speech was slurred, and he had problems staying awake. Also, it is claimed that he showed little response to the news of his wife's demise. A blood sample was obtained for toxicology tests.

Defending a DUI charge is complicated, and a technical knowledge of California laws and court procedures will be required. An experienced DUI defense attorney's comprehensive knowledge of law enforcement procedures and the legal aspects related to medical and scientific evidence may provide valuable guidance. The burden of proof is on the prosecutors, and the accused driver will benefit from the presumption of innocence until proved otherwise in the court.

Source: bakersfieldnow.com, "CHP: Man who killed wife in DUI crash was on heroin recovery drug", Adam Herbets, Jan. 27, 2016

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