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Undercover surveillance leads to arrest for DUI charge

A California woman from Daly City was recently arrested after a police stakeout near her home. A spokesperson for the Daly Police Department said such undercover operations are carried out by officers who are specially trained. The surveillance operations are conducted throughout the year and are aimed at habitual offenders who have had a DUI charge multiple times prior.

The accused woman was one of several targets during the stakeout on a recent Wednesday. Undercover officers reportedly observed her leaving her residence and driving away on a revoked driver's license. They reported that she had been convicted of DUI charges on three occasions during the past five years. Police also reported that she had violated her probation terms related to two prior DUI arrests.

Another targeted woman was also arrested during the stakeout after a traffic violation led to the police stopping her. She allegedly had narcotics in her possession. The stakeouts are reportedly carried out near the workplaces or homes of alleged habitual DUI offenders, and officers said suspended license driving can result in an immediate arrest.

California drivers who are the subjects of such surveillance operations and find themselves arrested will likely know that the best thing to do is to retain the services of an attorney who is experienced in defending a client facing a DUI charge. A lawyer can examine the procedures used by the undercover officers during the stakeout and the arrest and address any wrongdoing before the court. Every case is unique, and the circumstances of each case will determine the best method of defense to obtain a satisfactory result.

Source: mercurynews.com, "Habitual DUI offender arrested during Daly City stakeout", Tracy Seipel, Dec. 10, 2015

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