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December 2015 Archives

DUI charge: Driver suspected of gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI

A 53-year-old driver triggered a pursuit by the California Highway Patrol when he allegedly fled the scene after striking a police vehicle. When the chase started, the man was reportedly wanted for a traffic violation. However, this all changed when the pursuit ended in a collision in which one person died. The man was arrested on a suspicion of DUI charge along with suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter.

Bus driver faces DUI charge, additional accusations

When it is suspected that an adult endangered the lives of children, California law enforcers will likely have no tolerance. A 28-year-old bus driver was recently arrested and accused of endangering the lives of 28 children by transporting them while under the influence of alcohol. A DUI charge against her recently.

Undercover surveillance leads to arrest for DUI charge

A California woman from Daly City was recently arrested after a police stakeout near her home. A spokesperson for the Daly Police Department said such undercover operations are carried out by officers who are specially trained. The surveillance operations are conducted throughout the year and are aimed at habitual offenders who have had a DUI charge multiple times prior.

Crash into power pole causes no injuries but leads to DUI charge

In the early morning hours of a recent Saturday, officers at the office of the Lakeport Police Department received a call about a single-vehicle crash. They rushed to the scene and arrived within three minutes. A woman was found near the wreck, and officers determined that she was the only occupant of the vehicle at the time of the crash. The 29-year-old California woman apparently suffered no injuries, but she is now facing a DUI charge.

Alleged street racer pleads no contest on felony DUI charge

One night of drinking and driving can have devastating consequences on the life of a California driver. It is not uncommon for an individual who is typically known as a responsible driver to end up facing a DUI charge. When a drunk driving accident causes the death of another person, a conviction can cause irreparable damage to a driver's personal and professional life. For this reason, the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney may be critical.