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Street racer faces DUI charge after fatal car accident

Drivers in California who take part in street races may enjoy the excitement of the illegal activity, but when they are involved in accidents, the consequences may be devastating. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption is often part of street racing. When an intoxicated driver causes a crash while street racing, vehicular assault or homicide may form part of a DUI charge. Such an accident occurred in Los Banos recently.

Police reported that a 20-year old man was allegedly street racing on a recent Sunday morning when he reportedly ignored a stop sign and smashed into another vehicle. A 60-year-old man who was a passenger in that car was ejected and died at the accident scene. The driver did not suffer serious injuries.

The street racer was arrested. He was suspected of driving under the influence, and the Alcohol Beverage Control officials were notified because of the driver's age. He was charged with DUI, vehicular manslaughter and other related charges. He is being detained in the county jail on bail exceeding $400,000.

This young man must now focus on the DUI charge and related accusations made against him. While assessing the circumstances and scrutinizing the prosecution's available evidence, his defense counsel will help in preparing a defense to present before a California criminal court. Under any circumstances, an accused person has the right to fair and impartial proceedings and the opportunity to challenge any evidence offered in support of the formal charges. Depending on the strength of the evidence, efforts may also be made to explore the possibility of a plea agreement with prosecutors in an attempt to limit any potential consequences that could follow a conviction after trial.

Source: tribtown.com, "Los Banos police say 1 killed, 1 arrested in DUI street-racing crash", July 13, 2015

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