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July 2015 Archives

DUI charge follows death of 1 and injuries to 8 on Highway 118

The alleged drunk driving of a 32-year-old California man may have a detrimental effect on his future. The consequences of his actions include the death of his passenger and injuries suffered by eight occupants of another vehicle. The California Highway Patrol report indicates that the accident that led to a DUI charge against this driver occurred on Highway 118 on a recent Sunday evening.

DUI charge: Alameda woman allegedly caused fatal accident

A 30-year-old woman from Alameda County was arrested and booked into jail on charges of driving under the influence. The California Highway Patrol reported that this followed an accident that occurred on a recent Tuesday evening. Records at Alameda County Jail show that the woman is awaiting arraignment on a DUI charge -- among others -- while her initial bail is set at $175,000.

Street racer faces DUI charge after fatal car accident

Drivers in California who take part in street races may enjoy the excitement of the illegal activity, but when they are involved in accidents, the consequences may be devastating. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption is often part of street racing. When an intoxicated driver causes a crash while street racing, vehicular assault or homicide may form part of a DUI charge. Such an accident occurred in Los Banos recently.

Critically injured driver may face DUI charge after car crash

The California Highway Patrol suspects a man who was critically injured in a vehicle accident to have been intoxicated at the time of the crash. CHP said it would be seeking a DUI charge with the district attorney's office. In the meantime, the man is fighting for his life after suffering spinal injuries in the crash.

Felony DUI charge filed after fiery accident kills student

The lives of California drivers who face charges related to drunk driving will typically be adversely affected. Even before the accused person has had the opportunity to defend him or herself against a DUI charge, the public may assume the driver's guilt. When another person is killed in such an accident, there will likely be felony charges with potentially even more severe consequences.