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May 2015 Archives

Marine accused of driving under the influence of alcohol

It is always sad to learn of an accident in which an alleged drunk driver may have been responsible for the deaths of several other people. A 21-year-old Marine is being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol when he recently crashed on California State Route 163. After pleading not guilty to several charges from where he is hospitalized, he is being held on a bail of $3 million.

Know your rights when stopped for driving under the influence

Alcohol and other substances, such as drugs, are known to affect certain aspects of a person's behavior, such as coordination, reaction time and mental acuity. For this reason, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in California and all other states. A driver may want to ensure he or she knows his or her legal rights in the event of a traffic stop that could lead to a DUI charge.

DUI charge may follow fatal crash

Drunk driving is aggressively prosecuted in California and elsewhere. An arrest for drunk driving will lead to the confiscation of a driver's license, although the driver may request a DMV hearing that might postpone suspension until the outcome of a hearing is known. A DUI charge following an accident in which others were injured or killed is typically prosecuted more aggressively.

Motorcyclist faces gross vehicular manslaughter and DUI charge

A California man who was hospitalized after suffering fractured ribs and a collapsed lung may be facing a gross vehicular homicide while intoxicated charge upon his release from the hospital. He was taken to a hospital after a recent motorcycle accident. The pending charges arose from the death of his 43-year-old passenger. The injured motorcyclist will likely be considering his options related to defending a DUI charge.