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Driver faces DUI charge after allegedly causing 3 deaths

The California Highway Patrol recently arrested a driver who allegedly caused a fatal accident that took the lives of three people. He is now facing a DUI charge, along with manslaughter charges. The accident occurred on State Route 113 in Yuba City on a recent Saturday afternoon.

CHP reported that a 38-year-old driver of a pickup truck apparently overcorrected after veering off the roadway. In doing this, he reportedly went straight into the oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road. The pickup truck smashed head-on into a passenger car, causing it to roll over and burst into flames. The three occupants who were in the car were killed in the accident.

Defending a drunk-driving charge is a complex field of the law. Prosecutors will use complex medical and scientific evidence against an accused person in court, and a good defense would require knowledge of the statuary and constitutional laws of California, along with required police procedures. A DUI defense will also involve the manner in which blood alcohol and toxicology tests were done, and the reliability of the testing equipment that was used.

The consequences of a conviction on a DUI charge can be devastating. It will certainly impact the personal and professional life of a convicted person. Many California drivers who are accused of causing accidents while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol choose to retain the services of experienced criminal defense attorneys who focus on defending clients who are facing DUI charges. Each case is unique, and a lawyer will assess the charges filed by the state in each case and provide guidance through the associated processes.

Source: sacbee.com, "Three killed in fiery head-on Yuba City crash; driver arrested on DUI charge", Sam Stanton, April 25, 2015

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