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Fatal California head-on collision leads to DUI charge

When a California driver is suspected of driving while intoxicated, he or she may be concerned about the consequences and the impact potential charges could have on his or her personal and professional life. If a suspected drunk driver caused an accident that led to the death of another person, he or she might face more than a DUI charge. The services of an experienced DUI defense attorney may be beneficial.

The California Highway Patrol reported that an accident occurred in the late evening of a recent Friday on Highway 50 along a stretch of the roadway that has double yellow painted lines. A 43-year-old woman and her 28-year-old brother were eastbound in a pickup truck when a westbound SUV crossed the yellow lines ahead of them. The pickup driver swerved in an attempt to avoid the imminent collision, but the SUV struck the truck head-on.

The driver of the pickup was hospitalized with moderate injuries, but the injuries of her brother were much more severe. He was airlifted to a hospital but died later. The SUV driver was taken into custody after receiving medical attention at a local hospital. CHP says the SUV driver crossed the center lines because he was intoxicated, but no mention was made of how and when his blood alcohol level was tested.

The procedures used by authorities to determine whether a driver is intoxicated typically play an important role in the defense of a DUI charge. An accused driver has the right to obtain legal counsel to handle his or her defense in a California court, and will remain innocent before the court until and unless prosecutors have proved the driver's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Accused drivers will have every reasonable opportunity to challenge any evidence presented by the prosecution.

Source: sacbee.com, "South Lake Tahoe man dies in suspected drunk driving crash", Barbara Barte Osborn, March 16, 2015

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