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Fleeing after crashing into street sign leads to DUI charge

California drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence often face additional charges when others are injured in accidents in which they play a part. Similarly, suspected drunk drivers may also face additional charges in connection with incidents resulting in property damage. One woman faces a DUI charge after striking a street sign and fleeing the scene. 

Police recently acted in response to a 911 call they received from a person claiming to have witnessed a driver striking a road sign. It was reported that the vehicle struck the sign, then crossed the sidewalk and a landscaped area before driving through a gas station's parking lot. The driver then reportedly proceeded to leave the scene. Because the witness reported the woman's license plate number, she was found at her residence, where police arrested her on suspicion of DUI. 

Police report that the alleged drunk driver admitted to having been impaired at the time of the accident, as well as admitting to having been charged with DUI on two previous occasions. Although the media report did not disclose when or how it was determined, it revealed that the level of alcohol in the accused driver's blood was measured at .25 percent. In addition to being detained on a $50,000 bail, her SUV was impounded.

When a driver faces a second or subsequent DUI charge, especially in connection with an accident resulting in a personal injury or property damage, he or she likely faces serious consequences should he or she be convicted in a California court. In such cases, the accused may benefit from seeking legal counsel to have the circumstances surrounding the arrest examined and the validity of each charge analyzed. An examination of the evidence by a legal professional may assist the accused as he or she faces the charge or charges leveled against him or her.

Source: Petaluma, Ca. Patch, "Petaluma PD: DUI Driver Crashes Into Street Sign On Glenwood Drive", Susan C. Schena, Jan. 15, 2015

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