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4x4 Driver faces DUI charge after passenger's death

Drivers of 4x4 vehicles often enjoy driving on challenging roads. However, such roads may require exceptional driving skills. A 26-year-old California man is facing a DUI charge after the death of a passenger on a recent visit to Rowher Flats.

At the time of the report, a California Highway Patrol investigation into the accident was underway. A preliminary report indicates that the vehicle toppled over when the driver attempted to go up a hill with a steep incline. It rolled backward for about 1,500 feet before coming to a halt in a ravine. A 25-year-old passenger lost her life in this accident. The driver received hospital treatment for the injuries he suffered.

CHP reported that the driver was suspected of being intoxicated when the accident occurred. He was arrested upon his release from the hospital. The driver was initially charged with DUI, but an involuntary manslaughter charge was later added. It is not clear at what stage authorities determined that alcohol consumed by the driver may have caused the fatal accident, nor is there any mention of the methods used to confirm their suspicions.

When defending a DUI charge, the details of the procedures used for determining a driver's blood alcohol level may have an impact on the case, even if they were the result of a blood draw  hospital. California drivers facing any drunk driving accusations may benefit from the experience of a criminal defense attorney. Each charge filed against the accused driver scrutinized, along with the evidence that prosecutors intend to present in court. Evidence that appears to violate the legal rights of the accused or otherwise appears to be improper will be challenged, and a favorable ruling could result in charges being dismissed, lowered and/or evidence excluded at trial.

Source: scvnews.com, "Driver in Fatal Rowher Flats Crash Charged with Manslaughter", Jan. 22, 2015

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