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January 2015 Archives

Fleeing after crashing into street sign leads to DUI charge

California drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence often face additional charges when others are injured in accidents in which they play a part. Similarly, suspected drunk drivers may also face additional charges in connection with incidents resulting in property damage. One woman faces a DUI charge after striking a street sign and fleeing the scene. 

Everyday medication can cause impairment, lead to DUI charge

According to California laws, any person over 21, who drives a vehicle while his or blood alcohol content is .08 percent or more may be charged with drunk driving. Those who are under 21 are breaking the law if their BAC is .01 percent or more, and the percentage for drivers of commercial vehicles is .04. However, it is not only alcohol that can impair an individual's driving abilities. Using any controlled substances or over-the-counter drugs may also lead to a DUI charge.

California DUI charge -- ignition locking device legislation

California drivers who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol may suffer various consequences. In addition to existing punishments, a California senator planned to propose legislation at the end of 2014 to further reduce injuries and deaths due to drunk driving on California roads. After some localized pilot programs that have been running successfully since 2010, the law would require courts to order those found guilty of a DUI charge to install devices in their motor vehicles that detects alcohol on a driver's breath.