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Teacher faces DUI charge after allegedly causing property damage

Drivers in California who get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol may find themselves facing a DUI charge. Understandably, a DUI charge is extremely serious and can have severe consequences. Penalties for conviction may include fines, court costs, probation and even jail time. In addition, it will mean a loss of driving privileges that may affect various aspects of an individual's professional and personal life.

An elementary school teacher was recently arrested and detained in the Sacramento County Jail after causing extensive property damage while allegedly driving under influence of alcohol. The California Highway Patrol reported that the suspected drunk driver was driving in a residential area when she apparently intended to turn to the right but failed and continued traveling straight. She reportedly slammed into two parked cars in a private driveway. The impact caused one of the two cars to strike the house, and the woman's car only came to halt when it crashed into the garage of the adjacent house.

Under California DUI laws, the blood alcohol content of the accused individual, along with the existence of any prior DUI charges plays an important role in determining the charges that are filed. While a preliminary BAC test of the woman who caused the property damage in this case was reported to have been triple the legal limit of .08, a blood test is still pending. It was also determined that she faced a DUI charge in 2011 to which she pleaded no contest. The damage caused to the two houses and cars was estimated at $50,000.

California drivers who are facing a DUI charge may want to retain the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney. This case underscores the fact that the consequences of a DUI charge can affect a person's life even before he or she has had the opportunity to defend him or herself. The alleged drunk driver in this case has been suspended and placed on administrative leave, pending further investigation. An attorney will work to protect an accused person's legal rights and fight for the best possible result.

Source: southsacramento.news10.net, "Sacramento school teacher arrested for DUI after crash", Dec. 5, 2014

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