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Jury returns guilty verdict on DUI charge in fatal accident

Driving while under the influence of alcohol may have devastating consequences for California drivers. When drivers suspected of drinking cause vehicle accidents that result in severe injuries or fatalities, they will likely have to face a DUI charge in criminal court. Defending this and related charges -- such as vehicular manslaughter or even homicide -- may require the experience of an experienced DUI defense attorney.

A 28-year-old man was recently convicted by a jury on multiple charges related to three fatalities and one severe injury in a car accident that occurred on an evening in March last year. The district attorney's office reported that the man spent approximately five hours consuming alcohol before driving his car. The report states that the driver failed to stop after crashing into the rear of a car that was stationary at a stop sign before speeding off and crashing into another car occupied by four people.

A mother and her two sons were killed in the collision while a fourth person suffered critical injuries. The jury apparently spent three days deliberating prior to announcing its verdict. He was found guilty on three counts each for second-degree murder and felony vehicular manslaughter, along with gross negligence and additional charges related to driving under the influence. According to prosecutors, the man is facing a possible prison sentence of 25 years to life.

California drivers who find themselves facing a DUI charge may be overwhelmed and intimidated by the proceedings. However, they may find that the assistance of an experienced DUI defense attorney can help protect their legal rights. Advise and support on the procedures for challenging the evidence that is presented by the prosecution may provide a framework for achieving the best possible outcome. Drivers who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol will remain innocent before the court until and only if the prosecution can prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: San Bruno CA Patch, "Drunk Driver Facing 25 Years for Killing Woman and 2 Sons", Renee Schiavone, Nov. 25, 2014

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