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Driver may face DUI charge upon release from the hospital

California drivers who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol endanger their own lives and the lives of any passengers that may be in their vehicles, among others in or near the roadway. When such a driver is involved in an accident that results in injuries to passengers, a DUI charge may be elevated or accompanied by other criminal accusations. Nevertheless, any individual accused of drunk driving has the same right to obtain legal counsel and protect his or her legal rights as anyone else accused of a crime.

A 32-year-old man was hospitalized after a recent single-vehicle accident. The California Highway Patrol reported that the man may be arrested when he is released from the hospital, as he is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. The accident report states that the man lost control of his SUV while traveling at a high rate of speed on a roadway in San Dimas. His vehicle apparently went off the right side of the road and rolled over as it went up the sharp incline of an embankment.

A 34-year-old passenger suffered critical injuries when she was ejected from the vehicle. She was rushed to a medical center and is suspected to have suffered fractures to her spine and skull. CHP also reported the death of a dog that was in the SUV. The media report made no mention of when and how it was determined that the driver may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident.

California drivers who are facing a DUI charge typically benefit from consulting with an experienced DUI defense attorney. His or her legal rights and the specifics of each formal charge will be explained, and the accused person will also have the opportunity to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution. The accused person is protected by the presumption of innocence at every stage of the proceedings, until and only if the prosecution proves each element of the formal charges.

Source: sgvtribune.com, "Woman hurt, dog killed in suspected DUI crash on 57 Freeway in San Dimas", Brian Day, Dec. 24, 2014

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