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December 2014 Archives

Driver may face DUI charge upon release from the hospital

California drivers who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol endanger their own lives and the lives of any passengers that may be in their vehicles, among others in or near the roadway. When such a driver is involved in an accident that results in injuries to passengers, a DUI charge may be elevated or accompanied by other criminal accusations. Nevertheless, any individual accused of drunk driving has the same right to obtain legal counsel and protect his or her legal rights as anyone else accused of a crime.

Driver faces felony DUI charge after fatal cross-over accident

Driving under the influence of alcohol in California can have long term consequences. Many drivers are not familiar with California's complex DUI laws, and they may not know their legal rights when they are arrested. Motorists who are facing a DUI charge may find comfort in knowing that all is not lost. They will have the opportunity to defend the charges in court and are entitled to obtain legal counsel to represent them.

Tow-truck driver faces DUI charge after crash

Being arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol in California is a frightening experience. In addition to driver's license suspension, penalties for a DWI conviction can include fines and even incarceration. While many people assume the guilt of any driver who is facing a DUI charge, those charged remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Teacher faces DUI charge after allegedly causing property damage

Drivers in California who get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol may find themselves facing a DUI charge. Understandably, a DUI charge is extremely serious and can have severe consequences. Penalties for conviction may include fines, court costs, probation and even jail time. In addition, it will mean a loss of driving privileges that may affect various aspects of an individual's professional and personal life.

Jury returns guilty verdict on DUI charge in fatal accident

Driving while under the influence of alcohol may have devastating consequences for California drivers. When drivers suspected of drinking cause vehicle accidents that result in severe injuries or fatalities, they will likely have to face a DUI charge in criminal court. Defending this and related charges -- such as vehicular manslaughter or even homicide -- may require the experience of an experienced DUI defense attorney.