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Unlicensed driver may face DUI charge after death of 3-year-old

When a California driver is accused of causing the death of a child while driving under the influence of alcohol, the ensuing court proceedings may seem like an uphill battle. A DUI charge can have a devastating impact on the life of the accused person. The potentially severe consequences that typically follow a criminal conviction mandate that every reasonable effort be made to protect important legal rights at every stage of the proceedings.

One California driver who may face several charges is an 18-year-old man who allegedly caused the death of a 3-year-old girl on a recent Sunday. According to the California Highway Patrol, some people were buying ice cream at a vending truck in a private driveway when a car smashed through a fence and into the group. Several people suffered non life-threatening injuries. However, the little girl's injuries were fatal, and she died on the way to the hospital.

The driver allegedly drove off and was located and arrested about an hour after the accident occurred. Although the media report provided no information about the driver's blood alcohol level, investigators said that the young driver was driving while intoxicated. Reportedly, the accused man also had no driver's license.

The specific criminal charges were not detailed. Presumably, he will face a DUI charge, hit and run allegations and a count for driving without a license. An experienced California DUI defense attorney would typically explain the client's legal rights while examining all the evidence to identify specific legal challenges. As the case proceeds to court, efforts are generally made to explore the possibility of a plea agreement with prosecutors in exchange for a reduction in charges and/or favorable consideration at sentencing. Nevertheless, the client always has the choice to proceed to trial and force prosecutors to actually prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: fresnobee.com, "Hit-and-run driver who killed Porterville 3-year-old had been drinking, CHP says", Lewis Griswold, Nov. 10, 2014

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