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Suspect faces DUI charge after rear-end accident

California drivers who are suspected of drunk driving will likely recognize they have a difficult struggle ahead of them. Many in a similar position have benefited by retaining the services of an attorney who is experienced in defending against a DUI charge. Those facing DUI accusations for the first time may not be aware of their legal rights, while those who have faced such charges previously may need experienced counsel to fight for the best possible outcome.

A 52-year-old California man will likely face charges upon release from the hospital where he is recovering from major injuries suffered in a car accident. The California Highway Patrol reported that they were called to the scene of an accident in the early hours on a recent Sunday morning. The initial report stated that a 59-year-old driver of a sedan, along with his daughter and her boyfriend, stopped at a railway crossing. Upon acceleration after the train had passed, an SUV approaching from behind rear-ended the sedan.

CHP reported that the driver of the sedan died on impact. The two passengers were transported to the hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening. The authorities reportedly suspect the driver of the SUV of being driving under the influence of alcohol. That suspicion will likely be one focus of the ongoing accident investigation.

A suspicion of criminal conduct is exactly that and does not constitute proof of guilt. Only when California prosecutors have proved a person guilty of pending charges beyond a reasonable doubt may a conviction be obtained, and that is a burden that is often difficult to meet. An experienced defense attorney will endeavor to obtain the best possible outcome with regard to a DUI charge and/or any other accusations made. When the charges follow a fatal car accident, the potential consequences of a conviction mandate that every reasonable effort be made to protect the legal rights on the accused individual while seeking a just result.

Source: lodinews.com, "Lodi man killed in suspected DUI accident", Wes Bowers, Oct. 29, 2014

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