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November 2014 Archives

Under what circumstances is a DUI charge treated as a Felony DUI?

In an effort to reduce incidents of drunk driving accidents and the devastating consequences, law enforcers in California have taken to treating certain DUI offenses as felonies. Such charges may bring severe punishments that would, hopefully, discourage drunk driving. When a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs causes a vehicle accident that leads to injury or death to another person, he or she may face a felony DUI charge.

Unlicensed driver may face DUI charge after death of 3-year-old

When a California driver is accused of causing the death of a child while driving under the influence of alcohol, the ensuing court proceedings may seem like an uphill battle. A DUI charge can have a devastating impact on the life of the accused person. The potentially severe consequences that typically follow a criminal conviction mandate that every reasonable effort be made to protect important legal rights at every stage of the proceedings.

California driver sentenced to 25 years in prison on DUI charge

California drivers who choose to drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs may not consider the potential consequences at that time. However, when accidents are caused by drunk drivers, there is certainly a lot at stake. This is especially true when the accident involves fatalities and/or severe injuries. Drivers who have to defend a DUI charge in court will likely need the assistance of an experienced and competent defense attorney to protect their rights.

Suspect faces DUI charge after rear-end accident

California drivers who are suspected of drunk driving will likely recognize they have a difficult struggle ahead of them. Many in a similar position have benefited by retaining the services of an attorney who is experienced in defending against a DUI charge. Those facing DUI accusations for the first time may not be aware of their legal rights, while those who have faced such charges previously may need experienced counsel to fight for the best possible outcome.