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California driver facing DUI charge after fatal accident

California Highway Patrol says that this is the time of the year when many drivers take to the road while they are intoxicated. They urge motorists to assign a designated driver rather than endangering their lives -- along with those of other on or near the road. Facing a DUI charge could adversely affect the life of a suspected drunk driver.

A CHP officer reported a call received by the dispatch center in the early morning hours on a recent Saturday. A motorist was reportedly alarmed by the erratic driving of another motorist on Highway 101, and during the conversation, the caller apparently witnessed a collision after the suspected drunk driver veered off the road and swung  back. The caller reported that the first car landed on its roof in the extreme right lane while the other car also rolled over and came to a halt in the left lane.

The driver of the other car lost his life, and police say it was due to the actions of the man who is suspected of driving while impaired. According to CHP, the level of alcohol in the blood of the suspected drunk driver was measured at .15 percent, which is almost double the legal limit of .08. He was arrested and is awaiting his first court appearance where he will be facing charges related to DWI and vehicular manslaughter.

To increase the chances for the best possible outcome, California drivers who are facing a DUI charge may be gain by retaining the services of an experienced professional. After assessing each charge, a focused defense strategy will be suggested. A driver who is accused of drunk driving will be afforded the opportunity to challenge any evidence offered in court by prosecutors. He or she will remain innocent in the eyes of the law until and unless the prosecution has proved guilt beyond reasonable doubt, an obligation which is often difficult to meet.

Source: ktvu.com, "Suspected drunk driver who killed man makes 1st court appearance", Noelle Walker, Oct. 7, 2014

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