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A conviction on a DUI charge could impact your insurance premiums

A California driver who is arrested on a DUI charge may not fully understand the potential financial impact it could have. In addition to possible license suspension, other consequences -- if convicted -- such as large fines and possible time in jail often extends into future losses. A conviction on a DUI charge may lead to your insurance company refusing to insure you or charge you increased premiums. Each insurance company has its own rules for penalizing high-risk clients.

Depending on the state and the insurance company, premiums may rise anything between 30 and 100 percent. This is usually not permanent, and insurers typically reduce the rates again after some time. While some may do this after only three years, others have been known to maintain the increased premiums for as long as 10 years. In California, other privileges, such as discounts for safe-driving, will be forfeited for up to 10 years.

Not all DUI arrests lead to a conviction. Many aspects of an arrest may go awry and may ultimately impact a prosecutor's case negatively. To better understand your rights, you may benefit from retaining the services of a DUI defense attorney.

Your case will be assessed, and your legal options under California laws will be explained. A well-planned defense strategy, including the full protection of your legal rights, will be devised and suggested. It is one thing to be accused of driving under the influence and quite another to be convicted. That can only occur if government prosecutors are ultimately able to meet the exacting measure of proof that is required of them in criminal proceedings. A visit to our DUI defense website may provide more information about defending a DUI charge.

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