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October 2014 Archives

A conviction on a DUI charge could impact your insurance premiums

A California driver who is arrested on a DUI charge may not fully understand the potential financial impact it could have. In addition to possible license suspension, other consequences -- if convicted -- such as large fines and possible time in jail often extends into future losses. A conviction on a DUI charge may lead to your insurance company refusing to insure you or charge you increased premiums. Each insurance company has its own rules for penalizing high-risk clients.

Fatal California crash leads to felony DUI charge

California drivers who are suspected of drunk driving typically have a lot at stake. Drunk driving accidents often cause death or severe injuries to the driver, passengers and/or others. When a suspected drunk driver's actions cause death or bodily harm to another person, he or she may be facing a felony DUI charge. If the driver is convicted, they may face hefty fines, incarceration and a criminal record. Accordingly, those facing these circumstances may benefit from seeking legal advice without delay.

California driver facing DUI charge after fatal accident

California Highway Patrol says that this is the time of the year when many drivers take to the road while they are intoxicated. They urge motorists to assign a designated driver rather than endangering their lives -- along with those of other on or near the road. Facing a DUI charge could adversely affect the life of a suspected drunk driver.

Driver faces DUI charge after crash leaves 1 dead, 1 paralyzed

Drivers who are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will likely realize the gravity of the situation. The action they take to have their rights protected may affect their freedom and their futures. They will probably have many questions and may need an attorney's assistance to provide clear direction on how to proceed in defending a DUI charge.

License suspension after arrest for driving under the influence

A California driver who is arrested for DUI will typically be handed an order of suspension, along with a temporary license. Many drivers realize how a suspended driver's license could have an adverse impact on their day to day lives, but have little or no knowledge of how to proceed. Those who are not prepared to walk this road alone may benefit from consulting with an attorney who is experienced in defending motorists who have been arrested for driving under the influence.