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Facing a DUI charge? You may need someone to protect your rights

A drunk driving charge in California could have an adverse effect on a person's future. Most drivers who are facing charges after being arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs may experience anxiety, especially if they don't know their rights. Whether it is your first DUI charge or there have been prior convictions, the services of an attorney will protect your legal rights. It is important to note that there is not much time to request a DMV hearing after the suspension of a driver's license, and strict deadlines apply, so action may need to be taken without delay.

Your legal counsel will assess the circumstances of your arrest, and suggest possible defense strategies. Aspects that will be carefully scrutinized include whether there was probable cause for the police to pull you off the road, and whether they followed the correct procedures in doing field sobriety testing -- if any was administered. In cases where you were subjected to a breath test, those procedures will also be checked for compliance to regulations.

In determining the aspects on which a successful defense can be based, legal and other factors will be considered, along with challenging of the factual allegations of the prosecution. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest and the details of the charge, your legal representative may negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf. Successful negotiations may provide various options for proceeding with a defense, and may also help you avoid jail or other serious penalties.

However, each DUI charge is different, and in some cases, the best method of defense may be to proceed to trial in court. California drivers may agree that having someone who will do whatever is required to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome may be essential. Individuals needing an experienced person to defend a DUI related charge may benefit from visiting our DUI defense website.

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