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September 2014 Archives

On what can I base my defense against a DUI charge?

When California motorists are facing DUI charges, they would naturally be concerned about the impact such charges could have on their future. Drivers who are pulled off the road may benefit from carefully observing the procedures followed by the officers while obtaining evidence. While laws differ from state to state, authorities have basic guidelines by which they have to abide in order for a DUI charge to be lawful.

Big-rig driver facing suspicion of DUI charge after fatal crash

There are strict rules and regulations in relation to operators of big-rig trucks, and California drivers of such vehicles who are suspected of driving while impaired may face serious charges. They may benefit from obtaining the necessary information about their legal rights and how to protect those rights in the event of a DUI charge. In cases where another person was killed as a result of a truck driver's alleged negligence and level of intoxication, it may be wise to consult with a legal professional without delay.

Facing a DUI charge? You may need someone to protect your rights

A drunk driving charge in California could have an adverse effect on a person's future. Most drivers who are facing charges after being arrested for driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs may experience anxiety, especially if they don't know their rights. Whether it is your first DUI charge or there have been prior convictions, the services of an attorney will protect your legal rights. It is important to note that there is not much time to request a DMV hearing after the suspension of a driver's license, and strict deadlines apply, so action may need to be taken without delay.

Taking note of arrest procedure for DUI charge may be beneficial

Drivers in California who face charges after being arrested for driving while impaired may want to take note of the procedures followed by officials. By driving on California roads, drivers consent to breath, blood and urine tests when arrested for a DUI charge. However, the authorities must abide by strict regulations in their execution of the arrest, and drivers may protect their rights by ensuring correct procedures are followed.