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Suspected DUI charge after driver crashes into used car lot

When California drivers are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, they are advised to take accurate note of the circumstances. They may want to remember that, although the public may consider them guilty before they even have the opportunity to protect their rights in a court of law, they will remain innocent until prosecutors are able to prove their guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. There are often many contributing factors that could present reasonable doubt when a DUI charge is presented in court.

A driver was recently charged with suspicion of DUI after he crashed his car into the lot of a car dealership. He reportedly failed to keep control of his vehicle as he exited Highway 680. Authorities reported that he allegedly went through the fence and landed on top of two cars. His car, along with the two he smashed into, were severely damaged.

The media report did not mention the circumstances that led to authorities suspecting the driver of DUI; however, it was mentioned that the road surface was wet from light rain that had fallen and could have slickened the road. An employee at the car dealership stated that an average of about 30 vehicles per year crash after exiting the highway at Burnett Avenue. Warning signs and traction grooves have apparently been installed, but spin-outs continue to occur.

The driver in the accident received medical treatment at the hospital before he was arrested and received a suspicion of DUI charge. He may be well advised to obtain counsel to guide him through assessing all factors that may have contributed to the accident in order to protect his interests in the California court. Successful presentation may minimize the effect of the judgment decided upon by the court.

Source: ktvu.com, "DUI suspect arrested after crashing into Concord car dealership", Christien Kafton, Aug. 6, 2014

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