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Alleged crash into backyard tree leads to DUI charge

Despite regular campaigns to create awareness about the negative consequences of driving while intoxicated, many drivers still find themselves having to defend charges related to DUI. California drivers who are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving may benefit from recording the details of the circumstances under which the arrest took place. Authorities have to follow strict procedures when determining a suspect’s level of intoxication, and if a suspected DUI charge goes to trial, this information may be detrimental.

On a recent Sunday morning, officers from the Los Banos police department received a report about an accident that left a car in flames. Upon arrival at the accident scene, they reportedly found a car that had crashed into the backyard tree of a residence. The impact apparently set the car ablaze.

According to the police report, it was established that the driver had been driving while intoxicated. However, there is no indication in the media report as to when or how this was determined. The driver reportedly suffered minor burn injuries that were treated at a local hospital. The 21-year-old driver was arrested on a DUI charge after he was released from the medical facility. Upon promising to return for a court appearance, the man was free to go.

Residents of California who are facing a DUI charge may be overwhelmed by the damaging effects such a charge could have on their futures. Families, reputations and jobs may be jeopardized. However, by gaining assistance, those facing a DUI charge can protect their interests during any court procedures that may follow, and the impact of the charges may be minimized.

Source: losbanoslive.com, "DUI Suspect Arrested Following Fiery Crash", , Aug 1, 2014

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