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August 2014 Archives

DUI charge follows alleged drugged driver's crash into cyclists

Facing a DUI charge in California could have a devastating effect on one’s future. It is not uncommon for the public to find a person guilty on accusations only, without allowing the person his or right to defense in a court of law. It is true that the consequences of a DUI charge are multiplied when there were injuries or fatalities in an accident that was caused by an alleged impaired driver.

California man facing DUI charge after alleged wrong-way driving

One night of socializing and then driving a vehicle while intoxicated could have detrimental ramifications. Facing a DUI charge in California can be extremely costly to an individual’s wallet, along with his or her driving privileges. In addition, it could lead to serious jail time, especially when an accident with fatalities or severe injuries occurs.

Suspected DUI charge after driver crashes into used car lot

When California drivers are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, they are advised to take accurate note of the circumstances. They may want to remember that, although the public may consider them guilty before they even have the opportunity to protect their rights in a court of law, they will remain innocent until prosecutors are able to prove their guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. There are often many contributing factors that could present reasonable doubt when a DUI charge is presented in court.

Alleged crash into backyard tree leads to DUI charge

Despite regular campaigns to create awareness about the negative consequences of driving while intoxicated, many drivers still find themselves having to defend charges related to DUI. California drivers who are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving may benefit from recording the details of the circumstances under which the arrest took place. Authorities have to follow strict procedures when determining a suspect’s level of intoxication, and if a suspected DUI charge goes to trial, this information may be detrimental.