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Jury's verdict sends young man on DWI charge to jail for 6 months

California residents may have noticed the recent concern about the high rate of injuries and deaths that result from vehicle accidents involving teenagers and young adults. What is also of great concern is the fact that many of these accidents also involve alcohol and/or drugs. Having to defend a DWI charge at such a young age could be detrimental to the future of any young person.

Following charges that were filed after an accident in March, a jury recently found a 20-year-old man guilty of driving while impaired and child endangerment and he received a 6-month jail sentence. It was reported that a deputy observed the young man weaving in and out of traffic. When police confronted him, he allegedly became aggressive and was reported to be uncooperative. Deputies reported that they had reason to suspect the driver of being impaired.

When officials attempted to do field sobriety and drug recognition tests, the man allegedly refused to be subjected to such examinations. In addition, the driver allegedly endangered a child’s life by having a 14-year-old in the car with him. Subsequent tests reportedly showed the man’s system to contain not only alcohol, but also cocaine and marijuana.

When drivers in California face a DWI charge, they may want to obtain representation to protect their interests. After assessing each individual charge, the defendant will have the opportunity to challenge the evidence that is offered by the prosecutors. While the jury found the young man in this case guilty, every case is different and only when the prosecution provides proof of guilt beyond any reasonable doubt can a guilty verdict be obtained.

Source: The Californian, "Man sentenced on DUI, child endangerment charges", , Jul 8, 2014

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