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California driver booked with no bail on suspected DUI charge

California residents may be aware that a driver who causes an accident that injures or kills a passenger could be held responsible for that person's injuries or death. Police officials who attend to such an accident have to follow strict regulations when doing toxicology tests to determine the blood-alcohol level and the possible presence of drugs in the driver's system. The procedures they follow may form an important part of any litigation that may follow, if a driver is arrested on a suspected DUI charge.

The California Highway Patrol responded to an accident that occurred on Highway 101 just before midnight on a recent Wednesday. They reported that an alleged speeding northbound driver apparently lost control of his vehicle on a bend. The car rolled onto its roof and careened across the lanes before crashing into the center median.

Emergency crews had to extricate both occupants of the car, and they declared the death of the passenger at the accident scene. The driver was taken to a hospital and subsequently arrested for suspicion of drunk driving along with vehicular manslaughter. He is being held without bail. Highway 101 remained closed for almost three hours to allow investigation and clean-up operations.

When a California driver is facing a DUI charge, he or she may want to obtain a representative to protect his or her rights in court. A charge of suspected DUI will need concrete evidence of proper procedures followed in the required tests in order to determine the presence of alcohol in the driver's blood. Until the prosecutors can prove the guilt of the driver beyond a reasonable doubt, he or she will remain innocent.

Source: ktvu.com, "Driver arrested in fatal Santa Clara freeway crash", , July 24, 2014

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