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July 2014 Archives

California driver booked with no bail on suspected DUI charge

California residents may be aware that a driver who causes an accident that injures or kills a passenger could be held responsible for that person's injuries or death. Police officials who attend to such an accident have to follow strict regulations when doing toxicology tests to determine the blood-alcohol level and the possible presence of drugs in the driver's system. The procedures they follow may form an important part of any litigation that may follow, if a driver is arrested on a suspected DUI charge.

Chaos on Highway 101 leaves driver with suspected DUI charge

There may be a lot at stake when a California driver is suspected of drunk driving. Being arrested for drunk driving may lead to one’s driving privileges being suspended. Even without a conviction, a DUI charge could affect a person’s life, but a successful defense in court may help to minimize the potential impact of a DUI charge.

DUI charge may follow crash into Bank of America building

California residents may be aware of the adverse effects drunk driving charges could have on an individual’s life. In addition to suspended driving privileges, facing a DUI charge could be detrimental to a person’s career and other aspects of his or her life. A woman, whose name was initially withheld, was recently admitted to a San Francisco hospital in critical condition after a suspected DUI accident.

Jury's verdict sends young man on DWI charge to jail for 6 months

California residents may have noticed the recent concern about the high rate of injuries and deaths that result from vehicle accidents involving teenagers and young adults. What is also of great concern is the fact that many of these accidents also involve alcohol and/or drugs. Having to defend a DWI charge at such a young age could be detrimental to the future of any young person.

Lakeport rollover leads to driving under the influence charge

Many young adults in California do not realize the consequences of drunk driving. California authorities are intolerant of DUI drivers, and any offenders will pay the price. Driving under the influence may result in arrest and could jeopardize any young person's future career. Although drivers often feel sober enough to drive, their blood alcohol content may prove otherwise.