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Facing a DUI charge in California? Help is available

California drivers who recognize the dangers posed by driving under the influence of alcohol may find traffic stops an irritating waste of time. However, these operations are a proactive effort of the traffic units of police departments to reduce the occurrence of DUI accidents and the resulting injuries and deaths. Many drivers find themselves facing a DUI charge after being pulled over at a traffic stop.

The stops have proven to be the most effective of all efforts to obtain this goal. Police reported that research indicated that DUI checkpoints that were efficiently publicized have resulted in an average drop of 20 percent in alcohol related accidents. The locations of the checkpoints are typically carefully chosen to optimize the chances of a high yield of DUI drivers.

Officers at these traffic stops are required to adhere to specific regulations before making an arrest. They will check for signs of impairment and the possession of driver's licenses. When a person is suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, officers who are specially trained for the task may evaluate the suspect before an arrest is made. After an arrest, a driver may face possible serious charges that could eventually result in prison time and license suspension, along with hefty fines and DUI classes.

Drivers who have been arrested at such checkpoints in California may be overwhelmed by the negative effects these charges could have on their futures. Families, jobs and reputations may be in jeopardy. However, all is not lost, as help is available to assist those facing a DUI charge to protect their interests during any court procedures that may follow.

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