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California pastor faces DUI charge after motorcycle crash

Facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol can have devastating effects on an individual's life. This is likely to be especially true if the person charged with such an offense is a pastor in a Christian ministry. However, facing a DUI charge does not mean the accused driver is guilty. California individuals will have the right to have their interests protected in a court of law.

A 43-year-old pastor from Santa Barbara, with his 8-year-old son as a passenger, was recently arrested after riding his motorcycle on Casitas Pass Road. For unknown reasons, he lost control of the motorcycle and reportedly smashed into a road sign and a hedge. The California Highway Patrol reported that the pastor, who was charged with DUI, was transported to a local hospital.

The pastor suffered serious head injuries and cuts because he was wearing an open-face helmet. The child, who wore a full-face helmet, suffered only scratches on his leg. A member of the man's family took charge of the child after the accident. The media reported that the ministry to which the pastor belong has issued a statement saying that, although disappointed in the pastor's behavior, they are grateful that his life, and that of his child, was spared.

Drivers who find themselves facing a DUI charge may find comfort in knowing that help is available. A basic knowledge of applicable state laws and California court procedures may be beneficial. This information may ensure the protection of the individual's rights throughout the court proceedings that may follow. Reputations and jobs may be in jeopardy, but by optimizing the available help, every reasonable effort can be directed toward securing the best possible results.

Source: Santa Barbara Independent, "Motorcycle Accident Results in DUI Arrest; Boy Passenger Injured", Kelsey Brugger, May 6, 2014

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